Bringing to light the forgotten stories
of great puppet masters

All Strings Attached is an attempt to change how European puppetry heritage is experienced and perceived. It is valuable because it is a reflection of our society. In general, the awareness about protecting our puppet heritage is poor and many puppet stories are still waiting for their reinterpretation. In order to increase interest in our past, we're creating a new way of telling the history behind the greatest puppet masters.

Puppetry experienced a major metamorphosis in the first half of the 20th century. This period was marked by a generation of exceptional figures who introduced new forms of expression into puppetry, and produced highly sophisticated puppet plays in collaboration with selected musicians, the literati and other artists. We believe we can display their lives differently – beautifully, accessibly and conversationally. 

Discover the history of puppetry at the turn of the century and find out about Milan Klemenčič (1875–1957), Vittorio Podrecca (1883–1959) and Hermenegildo Lanz (1893–1949). Visit our travelling exhibition in Slovenia, Croatia, Spain or Italy and attend various accompanying events – puppet shows, professional workshops and lectures.