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30. 06. -
30. 9. 2017
30. 06. 2017, 18:00 Opening
International Centre Vittorio Podrecca – Maria Signorelli’s Theatre of Wonders (CIPS)

The pioneers of European puppetry 

The travelling exhibition focuses on Milan Klemenčič and his miniature theatre, Vittorio Podrecca and his show-biz-inspired marionette puppet theatre, as well as the avant-garde puppetry by Hermenegildo Lanz who, along with the composer Manuel de Falla and poet Federico Garcia Lorca, is thought of as one of the founders of Spanish puppetry.

28. 06. 2017, 21:00
Cassiopea Teatro:
Dai 3 ai 93
Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori
02. 07. 2017, 21:00
Titeres Etcetera:
The soul of people
Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori
01. 07. 2017, 16:00, 21:00
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre:
Doctor Faustus
Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori
30. 06. 2017, 16.00, 21.00
Academy of Arts Osijek, Croatia
16.00, 21.00
30. 06. 2017
16.00, 21:00
Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori
Puppet performance of students from the Academy of Arts in Osijek


The performance will premiere in Cividale del Friuli to summarise the stories of the three pioneers and to conclude the All Strings Attached project.

The performance speaks about the fragility and dying of puppetry through a series of short scenes created by one humble puppetry ensemble which is trying to look at things from the puppets’ point of view. 

29. 09. 2017
Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori

Animation techniques in a puppet show 

A unique opportunity to get to know and engage with the different puppet animation techniques handed down by the three pioneers of European puppet theatre Vittorio Podrecca, Milan Klemenčič and Hermenegildo Lanz, as collected and elaborated by Cassiopea Teatro, Ljubljana's Puppet Museum, the Academy of Arts in Osjiek (Croatia) and the Spanish company Títeres Etcétera.

29. 06. –
02. 06. 2017
various hours
CIPS Centro Internazionale Podrecca Signorelli, Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori

On puppetry 

Different seminars will discuss various topics, connected to the puppet heritage: how to protect and enhance this rich artistic and cultural heritage; the role of the puppet museums and collections that succeeded in keeping the memory and the meaning of this particular art form, starting from the preservation of the material; about the particular meaning of puppets for the Cividale’s Mittelfest and also about the puppet artist Maria Signorelli who was the first to collect puppet theatre materials in Italy. 

  • Restauration techniques in puppetry – examples of interventions and good practices towards the definition of a restoration protocol // 29. 6. 2017, 15.00, Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori
  • Private collections and museums in the world // 29. 6. 2017, 18.30, Teatro Comunale Adelaide Ristori
  • Puppet theatre within Mittelfest – Puppets in the Natisone Valley // 30. 6. 2017, 11.00, CIPS Centro Internazionale Podrecca Signorelli
  • The figure of the collector: Maria Signorelli // 2. 7. 2017, 17.00, CIPS Centro Internazionale Podrecca Signorelli





All events are part of the festival Mittelfest 2017.

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