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09. 05. –
11. 06. 2017
09. 05. 2017, 19:00 Opening
Federico García Lorca Centre

The pioneers of European puppetry 

The travelling exhibition focuses on Milan Klemenčič and his miniature theatre, Vittorio Podrecca and his show-biz-inspired marionette puppet theatre, as well as the avant-garde puppetry by Hermenegildo Lanz who, along with the composer Manuel de Falla and poet Federico Garcia Lorca, is thought of as one of the founders of Spanish puppetry.

11. 05. 2017, 11:00
Titeres Etcetera:
The soul of people
University of Granada
07. 05. 2017, 19:00
Cassiopea Teatro:
From 3 to 93. A Marvelous Invention
Fuente Vaqueros, Teatro F. García Lorca
13. 05. 2017, 18:00, 20:00
Ljubljana Puppet Theatre:
Doctor Faustus
Valderrubio, Teatro Casa-Museo F. García Lorca
07. 05. –
13. 05. 2017
various hours
Granada, Valderrubio and Fuente Vaqueros

Bringing history alive

As part of the Travelling exhibition, the Showreel features various shows with relevance to exhibited puppetry heritage. The selected works offer an insight into diverse puppetry traditions and internal workings of puppet theatre. Inspired by the European avant-garde or opera-music-art relationship they are either presenting historical information or are original works, created during the period. 

08. 05. 2017
10:00 – 14:00
Valderrubio, Casa-Museo F. Garcia Lorca

Between You and Me. How to Create Relevant Communication with the Public

All the cultural organisations involved would like to improve the relationship with the current and potential audiences and visitors to our projects, spaces and arts organisations. We also aim to diversify income lines and establish a working structure organised to increase the level of recruitment and loyalty of audience/visitors, friends, sponsors and other users.

How can we be more efficient and not start from scratch each year, but rather take advantage of the relationships that the users establish with our organisation over time?
This workshop will explain the concepts, techniques, and steps needed to start developing the public in a feasible way. It will address the following:
- Tactics of understanding, segmenting and retaining the public
- How to establish more efficient communication to generate loyalty
- Establishing the first key indicators and jointly measuring actions aimed at developing the public.
- Enhancing online communication as a public development channel. 

Led by: Raúl Ramos, Asimétrica (Spain)

08. 05. –
12. 05. 2017
various hours
Granada, University of Granada, Federico García Lorca Centre

Restoration and preservation of puppets as legacy: from transience to permanence

This course, which is new in Spain and at the University of Granada, opens an unprecedented window on the issue of restoration of puppets in Spain. It will feature professionals from Argentina, Portugal, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia and Spain, who will reflect on the philosophy of puppetry conservation and other possible ways to preserve puppetry heritage. 
Through panel discussions, lectures and master classes, teachers will share their experience as managers and/or curators of museums containing puppetry heritage, present the organisations with which they collaborate, and present the latest research findings.

Led by: Céline Bonnot-Diconne (France), Alfonso Cipolla (Istituto per i Beni Marionettistici e il Teatro Popolare, Italy), Lenka Dolanskà (Chrudim Puppetry Museum, Czech Republic), Raphaèle Fleury (Institut International de la Marionnette, Portal des Arts de la Marionnette, France), Geanny García Delgado (Chrudim Puppetry Museum, Czech Republic, Cuba), María José Machado (Museo de la Marioneta de Lisboa, Portugal), Juan Mata (Faculty of Education Sciences of the UGR, Spain), Pablo Medina (Centro Cultural La Nube, Argentina), Idoya Otegui (Centro de Títeres de Tolosa, UNIMA Internacional, Spain), Céline Wallut (France)


Some of these events are part of the
Festival Rinconcillo de Cristobica 2017.

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